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How Often Should You Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

How Often Should You Get Your Teeth Cleaned?
Blooming Smiles Dental Studio
BY Blooming Smiles Dental Studio

Most people expect to need two cleanings per year, one every six months. For most people, this is perfectly sufficient.

Six months is about how much time tartar (calculus) deposits take to grow on teeth to the extent that they require removal. Bi-annual intervals are also ideal for tracking gum health and cavity risk.

But you may need more than two dental cleanings each year. Here’s why…

Your Gums Are Prone to Infection

Some people have gums that are very sensitive to bacteria. Pregnancy, certain medications, and medical conditions affecting the immune system can cause gum tissue to overreact to dental plaque.

A cleaning every three or four months (or scheduling a special visit during pregnancy) is a good way to keep gums healthy. Professional dental cleanings remove irritating plaque and calculus and infect the gum tissues.

You Have Heavy Dental Calculus Buildup

Six months may be too much time to wait between cleanings. If minerals in your saliva cause calculus to form almost overnight, then you’ll have a hard time keeping the gritty calcium-like deposits at bay.

Fast calculus growers usually benefit from at least three dental cleanings per year.

You’ve Had Periodontal Treatment

Once your gums have been attacked by advanced gum disease, there’s almost no going back to six month visits. You need more frequent care to remove debris from deep inside pockets around your teeth. Once that’s accomplished, your gums can only heal up to a certain level. From then on, you’ll need more frequent and specialized cleaning visits to keep those gum pockets clean.

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