Cleanings & Checkups

Maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile starts with excellent oral care, including regular cleanings and checkups. At Blooming Smiles Dental Studio, we stress the importance of preventative dental care to our patients. Not only can it keep your smile healthy, it can save you time and money by preventing serious oral health issues.

Your daily home oral hygiene is important in caring for your smile, but it is not enough on its own. Even meticulous brushing and flossing does not always remove all the bacteria, plaque and tartar that can cause decay and gum disease. Regular professional dental cleanings every six months can make a significant improvement in your oral health, preventing many costly dental issues.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

In addition to professional cleanings, regular checkups are essential for maintaining your oral health. Dr. Gabriela Duraes provides thorough exams for our patients to detect any oral health problems. This involves scanning for decay and damage to the teeth, but it also includes checking for signs of oral cancer and other serious health issues. With regular comprehensive exams at our office, you can be assured that we will catch any oral issues right away and resolve them before they cause larger health problems.

Prevention and early detection of oral health issues is the best way to maintain a healthy mouth and reduce dental costs. Most insurance plans cover cleanings and checkups under preventive care, making it affordable to keep up with your regular visits. If you do not have insurance, it is even more important to invest in routine care to keep your dental costs low. We have payment options available for our patients without insurance. Contact us today to schedule your next cleaning and checkup at our office in Bloomington.

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