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At Blooming Smiles Dental Studio, we understand the importance of a confident smile. If you're missing teeth or struggling with uncomfortable dentures, dental implants could be the solution you've been waiting for. Our skilled team of dental professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve a beautiful, natural-looking smile that will boost your self-esteem and enhance your overall oral health.
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Why People Love Blooming Smiles Dental Studio

Vicente J.
Dr Gabriela is great, She has been our dentist for year and it is the best care we have even have. I have a broke tooth and was able to have a emergency appointment in no time. Definitely recommended!
Sarah H.
Blooming Smiles Dental Studio is simply the best. I can't recommend them more. The staff is very accommodating and friendly. Dr. Gabriella is truly the sweetest woman you'll meet. They explain everything to you thoroughly and make sure you are you comfortable during your appointment. If I could rate them higher than 5 stars I truly would!
Blooming Smiles has been absolutely amazing. The staff there is always incredibly friendly and willing to answer questions about what they're doing. They also do a lot to make patients comfortable during appointments and it makes for a great experience.
Nina G.
I live pretty far from this location but I am willing to make the drive. Dr. Duraes is amazing. She takes the time to explain everything and is upbeat and personable. I have been going here for years and would not dream of switching to a different provider. Thank you to Dr. Duraes and her team for their excellent care!
This is the perfect place for people who otherwise are scared of going to the dentist. Dr Gabriela and the team are wonderful and very knowledgable! My family and I have gone here for years and have always had pleasant experiences. The office is hygienic, everything is done in as painless manner as possible, and the environment is warm and positive.
Maristela B.
Dr. Gabriella and her staff are amazing. My kids used to be afraid to go to the dentist, but not anymore. Angelica, the receptionist, is super kind, helpful and hardworking. She’s the best. I highly recommend Blooming Smiles!
Kevin H.
Dr. Gabriella is far and away my favorite dentist ever! I’ve been going to her for over 10 years. She’s highly skilled, trustworthy, and personable. She did a perfect job on my porcelain cap and I like being able to book an appt in the city if needed!
Kristian V.
Dr. Gabriela is fantastic! She's quick, efficient, personable, and gives you as much time as you need to ask questions or give concerns, unlike a lot of doctors and dentists that hardly give you the time of day. Also has a wonderful infectious personality that puts you in a good mood! I definitely won't be going anywhere else!
Leonardo G.
Service completely awesome! Doctor Gabriela is a great professional, always makes sure you are doing ok. Always great feedback from her and always very kind and respectful. Dental Studio very well organized, clean, great staff, modern too. Will come back again for sure.
Kelly S.
Amazing group of people! From the front office ladies to the most amazing Dentist in the entire Chicago-land area. Dr. Gabriela is by far one of the most kind, caring, energetic and understanding dentist I’ve ever come across. Thank you for your amazing work! Going to the dentist has become one of my favorite activities!!
Janice P.
I happened office by accidentally looking for a different dental office. It was the best accident I’ve ever had!! They have the most Up-to-date equipment, and the teethcleaning is a third of the time of cleanings in the past. Not to mention, everyone is very very friendly and concerned and helpful. Best dental office around!!
Fabiola P.
I highly recommend Dr Gabriela! Great professional that examines and provides all solutions ! Her staff threats me very kindly as soon as I step in the front door. Location is easy to access by car or by train! I could not be in better hands!
Jason D.
Dr. Gabriela is fantastic. Besides her deep knowledge and outstanding technique, she’s always takes the time to explain the procedures, and execute them perfectly. I have nothing but great things to say about Blooming Smile Studio.
Karolina B.
Dr. Gabriela is the absolute best. She is knowledgeable, kind, and thorough. She is an expert in this field and has given me the most amazing care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I trust her and highly recommend her to anyone needing dental work.
Helen M.
Dr. Gabriela and her team are amazing! Courtesy and professionalism are their staple! Her clinic is immaculate clean ! This is the place that me and my family trust!
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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a state-of-the-art tooth replacement option that provides a permanent and durable solution for missing teeth. They consist of small titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone to serve as artificial tooth roots. These posts integrate with the surrounding bone, creating a strong foundation for replacement teeth, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures.
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How Do Dental Implants Work?

The process of dental implantation involves several steps:

  • Consultation and Examination: Our experienced dentist will thoroughly examine your oral health, discuss your goals, and determine if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. We will address any concerns or questions you may have during this initial consultation.
  • Treatment Planning: Once you are deemed a good candidate for dental implants, our team will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan will outline the number of implants required, the type of restoration, and the timeline for the procedure.
  • Implant Placement: During the implant placement procedure, the titanium posts are carefully positioned into the jawbone under local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Over time, these implants fuse with the bone through a process called osseointegration, providing a stable and long-lasting foundation for your new teeth.
  • Restoration: After the implants have fully integrated, we will attach the custom-made dental prosthetics, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures, to the implants. These restorations are designed to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, providing you with a seamless and aesthetically pleasing smile.

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The Top 3 Benefits of Dental Implants

Improved Appearance and Confidence: Dental implants not only replace missing teeth but also restore the natural contours of your face, preventing the sagging and sunken appearance that can occur with tooth loss. With a complete smile, you'll feel more confident in your personal and professional interactions.

Enhanced Oral Health: Unlike traditional dentures or bridges, dental implants do not rely on adjacent teeth for support. This means your healthy teeth remain intact, reducing the risk of damage or decay. Dental implants also stimulate the jawbone, preventing bone loss and maintaining the overall structure of your face.

Long-term Durability and Functionality: Dental implants are designed to solve missing teeth permanently. With proper care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime. You can enjoy the ability to eat your favorite foods without restrictions and speak naturally without worrying about slippage or discomfort.
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Enjoy Your Daily Life with Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants offer a level of comfort that sets them apart from traditional dentures. At Blooming Smiles Dental Studio, we believe that your oral health and overall well-being should never be compromised, which is why we recommend dental implants as the superior choice for comfort and functionality.

Stability and Security

Dental implants provide exceptional stability and security that surpasses the fit of dentures. Unlike dentures, which can sometimes shift or slip, dental implants are securely anchored in your jawbone, just like natural teeth. This means you can enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about embarrassing moments or discomfort. Whether you're biting into a crisp apple or savoring a juicy steak, dental implants allow you to eat with confidence.

A Natural Feel

One of the key advantages of dental implants is their ability to replicate the look and feel of natural teeth. The titanium posts of the implants fuse with your jawbone, providing a solid foundation that mimics the function of tooth roots. This integration not only ensures stability but also stimulates the surrounding bone, preventing bone loss and preserving the natural shape of your face. With dental implants, you'll experience a seamless transition between your replacement teeth and your natural teeth, resulting in a comfortable and natural feel.

Improved Speech

Dentures can sometimes affect your ability to speak clearly, causing slurred speech or mumbling. Dental implants, on the other hand, eliminate these concerns. By providing a stable and secure foundation for your prosthetic teeth, dental implants allow you to speak naturally and confidently. Say goodbye to the worry of dentures shifting or clicking while you're talking and enjoy improved speech clarity with dental implants.
Dr. Gabriela Duraes

Dr. Gabriela Duraes

We believe in providing gentle, personalized dental care for your unique smile! Your journey to a healthy, attractive smile begins here.
Meet Dr. Gabriela Duraes
Dentista Brasileira em Illinois, Dentista Latina en Illinois
Dr. Aliaj

Dr. Erid Aliaj

Every smile is welcome here! Enjoy better dental health with a personal touch in a warm, welcoming, and judgment-free environment.
Meet Dr. Erid Aliaj
Dr. Villaflor

Dr. Christopher Villaflor

Dr. Chris’s goal as a dentist is to treat all patients with compassion, respect, and honesty. He treats all patients as if they were family.
Meet Dr. Christopher Villaflor

Experience Excellence in Dental Care with a Welcoming Atmosphere

At Blooming Smile Dental Studio, we believe that excellent dental care goes beyond mere treatments. We understand that your comfort and oral health are of utmost importance. That's why we offer a unique combination of flexible scheduling, a relaxing atmosphere, and a commitment to cutting-edge technology. When you choose us, you're choosing a dental practice that truly cares about your family's well-being.

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Accommodating Scheduling Options

a room with a black table and a black couch

Relaxing Office Amenities

a hospital room with a monitor and medical equipment

Commitment to Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience Excellence in Dental Care With Us

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Accommodating Scheduling Options

a room with a black table and a black couch

Relaxing Office Amenities

Blooming Smiles Dental Studio team

Commitment to Cutting-Edge Technology

Asked Questions

How long do dental implants last?

With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime. They are designed to be a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Are dental implants painful?

The dental implant procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia and sedation, ensuring that you experience minimal discomfort during the surgery. After the procedure, any post-operative discomfort can be managed with pain medications prescribed by your dentist.

Am I a suitable candidate for dental implants?

Most people with good oral health and sufficient jawbone density are suitable candidates for dental implants. However, a thorough evaluation by a dental professional is necessary to determine your eligibility.

How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of dental implants can vary depending on several factors, including the number of implants required and the need for additional procedures It is best to consult with your dentist for an accurate estimate.

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

Some dental insurance plans may provide coverage for dental implants, but it depends on your specific insurance policy. It is recommended to review your insurance coverage or speak with your insurance provider for detailed information.

How long does the dental implant process take?

The dental implant process typically involves multiple stages and can take several months to complete. The timeframe may vary depending on individual factors, such as the need for bone grafting or healing time.

What is the success rate of dental implants?

Dental implants have a high success rate, typically around 95% or higher. The success of the procedure depends on various factors, including oral health, proper placement, and diligent oral hygiene practices.

Can I eat normally with dental implants?

Yes, dental implants function like natural teeth, allowing you to eat a wide variety of foods with ease. You can enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about discomfort or restrictions.

How do I care for dental implants?

Caring for dental implants is similar to caring for natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental check-ups are essential for maintaining optimal oral health. Your dentist will provide you with specific instructions on how to care for your implants.

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