Cracked Tooth Repair

Your teeth are incredibly durable, even under an enormous amount of pressure. However, even a diamond can be cut, and your teeth can succumb to damage. When you have a cracked or broken tooth, it can put your oral health at risk. At the first sign of damage to one of your teeth, call our team at Blooming Smiles Dental Studio for general dentistry treatment. We repair broken or damaged teeth at our office in Bloomington.

Enamel is one of the hardest substances in the body, protecting the softer, inner layers of your teeth. When that outer layer is cracked or chipped, bacteria and decay can be allowed inside. Without a repair, a damaged tooth can quickly become severely decayed or infected, putting it at risk.

Most cracks or chips are immediately noticeable. You may hear the damage when it happens or feel the crack with your tongue. You may even have pain or sensitivity right after the damage occurs. However, sometimes a crack can happen without any notice. You may not see it or feel it, but it is still there. This is one of the reasons regular exams are so important. Identifying damage and treating it right away can save a tooth from possible loss.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Most damaged teeth can be fixed in one or two visits to our office. Small cracks and chips can be repaired with fillings, bonding or onlays, usually in one visit. More extreme damage may require a dental crown to protect the tooth if the structural integrity is compromised. Dr. Duraes can assess your tooth damage and discuss what treatment option is best suited to restore it back to a healthy state.

A cracked or damaged tooth needs immediate care to prevent further dental problems. Contact Blooming Smiles Dental Studio today for a repair if you have a damaged tooth. We have extended hours, Saturday availability and same day appointments for dental emergencies.

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