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Don’t Put Your Dental Care Off

Don’t Put Your Dental Care Off
Blooming Smiles Dental Studio
BY Blooming Smiles Dental Studio

What feels like a little problem today could turn into big dental issues later. If you feel a little chip or spot on your tooth that "doesn't feel quite right," here are a few reasons why you need to seek out the help of your Bloomingdale family dentist right away:

It Won't Get Better on it's Own
Unfortunately, areas of tooth decay cannot heal themselves. Once the layer of enamel is destroyed, underlying dentin structures rapidly deteriorate. Cavities aren't something you can heal with the help of a DIY post on Pinterest! If we diagnose it early, we can fill the tooth before it needs something more complex like a dental crown.

Even if There's No Pain, it Could be a Big Problem
Did you know that sometimes an abscessed tooth won't cause any sort of pain or sensitivity? In fact the only symptom might be a little pimple along the gumlines. However, if you don't get timely dental care, the tooth may have to be pulled before the infection spreads elsewhere.

You Can Start Treatment Today
A lot of people think that they can't get into their Bloomingdale dentist without having to wait a few weeks. Not so! At Blooming Smiles Dental Studio, we can often see you on the very same day and start treatment right away. We make every effort to work you in as soon as possible, so that you don't have to endure tooth pain or embarrassment another day.

Plus, we're open late! Come by after you get off of work or when you pick your child up from school, because we'll be here until 7pm on most week nights. Call us today!

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